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ToBeWAY was founded by Sechang Oh in 2001 in Seoul, Korea, and has been providing professional solutions and services of Enterprise Data Management.

ToBeWAY Enterprise Data Management platform provides a solid and strong foundation on which you can build and achieve data-driven business. ToBeWAY provides software, consulting, implementation, and operation services of enterprise data management.

Data exists within every company, but the value of the data asset differs depending on many reasons. The value is determined by the volume and granularity of data the company collects, the accuracy of data, the relevancy of the data with the business, and how effectively business applications utilize the data.


Meet our data experts. Turn your data into a valuable asset. Make your decision based on facts and data.

Small Strokes

Sechang OH, CEO/CTO

Data is like water. It gives life. But, it is easily contaminated if it is uncontrolled.


Sejoon PARK, CCO

Digital transformation starts with data and ends with data.


ByungTaek PARK, CPO

ToBeWAY Data Management Platform is the easiest way for Data Governance.

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