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Data-driven pandemic control

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many governments and institutes have taken measures against the disease based on data updated daily and subsequent estimates. In this unprecedented situation, they built and ran numerical models to project the unpredictable tomorrow and followed the model outputs. A closed-loop of gathering data, running projection models, and taking actions accordingly seem to be the new normal in how we deal with an unexampled disaster.

Navigating uncharted waters

​Like a pandemic, we are going to facing more uncertainties in the business landscape: climate change, the emergence of disruptive technologies, and the rise of killer apps. How will you run your business for the coming future in this unprecedented business environment?  How will you react to market changes or chase customer behavior faster than ever in this highly networked society? Are you ready to take immediate action when another black swan appears or when your business comes to a dead end?

It is just like navigating your business into uncharted waters. We are not sailors who have to find out a sea route ahead in uncharted waters who lived in the age of discovery. We do not necessarily rely only on the compass or stars of the night sky or captain's hunch any longer.

We are living in an age of data. We have better tools and aids than the sailors of that age had. An enormous amount of data are generated and collectible thanks to highly developed networks and sensors. Build and run a model or teach your machine to derive results based on the data. Due to technological breakthroughs, we can take advantage of powerful computing machines to manipulate and visualize data in order to infer meaningful insights from the result.

Follow the data

Listen to your data scientists.
Follow the data, navigate your business to where the data points out.

Make your decision based on data.

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