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ToBeWAY MDM for government master data management
South Korea is one of the top leaders of e-government.

According to the 2020 United Nations E-Government Survey, Denmark, Korea, and Estonia top the 2020 UN e-government ranking.

It says "The 2020 ranking of the 193 UN Member States in terms of digital government – capturing the scope and quality of online services, the status of telecommunication infrastructure and existing human capacity – is led by Denmark, the Republic of Korea, and Estonia, followed by Finland, Australia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the United States of America, the Netherlands, Singapore, Iceland, Norway, and Japan."


South Korea is the global leader in online services provision (OSI) and is the top EGDI performer in Asia, followed by Singapore and Japan.​

Government master data management

As a part of the continuing effort for more efficient and transparent public service, the Korean government has been working on the MDM project for 5 years of phased approach since 2017. The government implemented the ToBeWAY MDM framework to standardize, collect, manage, and share the master data distributed in ministries and institutions. 

Towards data-driven e-government

Managing government master data helps government achieve more accurate and consistent digital communication between ministries. Smoother and clear communication brings administrative efficiency up higher by saving time and simplifying processes. 


By putting the data-driven government in place, more credible and responsive services of the government can be anticipated. Furthermore,  preemptive service is also available by analysis and forecasting derived from data. 

By implementing government master data management, the Korean digital government made one more step towards the data-driven public service.  

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