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Data Integration

ToBeWAY Data Integration is an ETL job scheduler to automate data integration between systems.  You can easily schedule and monitor your integration tasks. Set up a task schedule through the web-based UI to automate data integration tasks and monitor server resources and tasks with monitoring functions.

The data engineer regularly moves lots of data from a source system to a system where the data would be requested and consumed. Automate the full process of extracting data from the source system, processing, and loading data to the target system. Execute the periodic job with ToBeWAY DI, and check the execution result in one place.

Server & Studio

ToBeWAY DI consists of DI Server and DI Studio.

DI Server is a JAVA-based solution for scheduling, executing, and monitoring of data interfaces. It provides intuitive, simple and easy to use UI.

ToBeWAY DI (Data Integration) supports data interface jobs which are developed and built with Talend open studio and SAP data services as DI Studio. If you are already familiar with those tools, you can design or migrate your data extraction, conversion and loading jobs without extra training.

Any-to-any data integration

Data integration involves combining data of various formats residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of them. Data integration is not only for analytic systems but also for operational systems that require the data to handle business transactions.

The company's data resides at various systems such as DBMS, file, and big data in various environments i.e on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. ToBeWAY DI lets you build your own data integration process and automate it regardless of where the data is stored.

Generic architecture

ToBeWAY DI is a web-based application running on a java platform and also requires a database to save job configuration and log data of job instances. The application can be installed and running on most of the commonly used operating environments;

  • OS: Windows server 2012+, SUSE Linux, RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS

  • Middleware: Tomcat, JBoss EAP, WildFly

  • DBMS: Oracle, PostgreSQL, SAP HANA Database, MS SQL Server

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