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Data Integration

ToBeWAY provides a range of integration services to meet diverse integration requirements.  They include

  • Enterprise application integration(EAI),

  • Business-to-business(B2B) integration,

  • Data integration or ETL(extract, transfer, and load) 

Make your systems collaborative ones by application  integration and improve your analytics through data integration.

Data integration raises collective performance and credibility of IT systems by increasing the data usability as a whole.

SAP ERP Integration

Integrate your data from SAP ERP into your data warehouse or data lake. ToBeWAY provides consulting and implementation services for SAP Data Services. 

SAP Data Services is a software of SAP for data integration. It understands the application model fully and accesses relevant metadata of SAP ERP. Furthermore, it reads data based on programming languages such as ABAP, IDocs, BAPI, RFC, and SAP extractors. It remarkably saves your time and effort for SAP integration.

For more information about SAP Data Services please refer to

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