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Data Quality Management

​Data quality management (or DQM) is activities and processes to sustain the error-free data operation of information systems and databases. In addition, to achieve effective and productive management, ToBeWAY DQM leverages the data management framework that supports metadata, processes, governance, and distribution services.

Features of ToBeWAY DQM
Quality management plan by quality indicators and operation indicators
  • Multidimensional Metric Definition (Process, Organization, System)

  • Quality control plan (inspection cycle, schedule)

Quality measurement based on quality rules
  • Inbound Quality Control

  • Quality Validation

  • Quality Inspection

  • Quality Audit

Quality improvement by 24/7 monitoring
  • Support quality root-cause analysis and quality improvement activity

  • Build knowledge database of quality improvement results

User-centered functions
  • Personalizable notification function

  • Self-test and a preliminary test

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