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Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process.

ToBeWAY Digital Twin is a software solution powered by Unity( 3D real-time technology. It helps you create digital twins of objects in a 3D digital environment, monitor events based on an intuitive and realistic UX, and simulate work orders in advance. 

Simulate and monitor in virtual space. 

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Key features


By pre-running the production plan of your production operation system in a 3D virtual space, you can visually predict possible problems such as bottleneck processes or excessive WIP at a specific time.



Collects real-time data of equipment status, logistics location, and movement and displays them as 3D objects of the same shape on the screen.

DigitalTwin_3D Modeling.png

3D Modeling

WYSIWYG provides the ability for users to place and edit 3D objects directly on the screen with a mouse.


FAB Scheduling Simulation

Simulation of equipment operation, material movement, storage loading, etc.
Visually check alerts such as excessive processing equipment or insufficient storage during simulation execution.

DigitalTwin_use_FAB Scheduling Simulatio

CNC Factory

Manufacturing process simulation

DigitalTwin_use_CNC Factory.png

Container Yard

Provides 3D objects such as Slot, Container, Truck, Trailer, Reach Stacker, and Gate of Container Yard.
Place 3D objects on the screen in the same way as in Container Yard.

DigitalTwin_use_Container Yard.png


Manage 3D images of the BOM, and extract product structure, properties, and thumbnails.
When a problem occurs in the equipment, the repair manual of the equipment is inquired by description, tool, and animation.

3D BOM demo
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