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How It works: Master Data Management

Managing data, metadata, governance, quality and processes for enterprise master data systematically and efficiently to streamline work processes, make decisions quickly and accurately, and flexibly respond to change.
Ensure master data consistency across the enterprise
  • Use of standardized master data between system such as legacy, ERP and so on.

  • Minimize cross-code mapping and grouping for reporting / aggregation.

Establish governance of enterprise master data
  • Only users with authority can search, create and change the master data within the scope of authority.

  • Define Ownership for Master Data.

Keep high quality master data
  • Clean up unused and duplicate data

  • Ensure master data accuracy, consistency and timeliness

Manage to Master Data Process
  • Automation / systematization of master data management process

  • Master Data Lifecycle Management

  • Provide change history management and audit trail

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