Master Data Management

Get a holistic view of your master data from a single and truthful source.

ToBeWAY MDM, built on solid data management framework, changes the way you administrate master data and standard code. Systematic and process-based management lessens the load of the data operators and saves time and cost. Value up your data with accuracy and consistency.

One platform, Multi-domain

Multi-domain MDM technology addresses the requirement of MDM that spans more than a single data domain. By introducing ToBeWAY’s “One Platform, Multi-domain” technology, you can manage multiple data domains such as customer, partner, product, facility, material, and location, and even reference data in a single instance MDM. 


​The technology provides consistent user experience and workflow management throughout the domains and inter-domain relationship management. Users can easily switch between domains through easy Web UI.


Operate all domains without leaving your page.

Data stewardship and governance

ToBeWAY MDM provides a set of robust functions for data stewards who are responsible to assure master data quality and service the data to users and systems in a consistent manner.

The data steward can be benefited from master data quality features such as duplication prevention, rule-based verification, and standard terms management.

To address data governance requirements, MDM  is ready with built-in workflow functions for process management of data registration application and approval.

Data model from business

Data modeling has never been easy before you meet the “data model from business” technology of ToBeWAY. Even business users without knowledge of DBMS can implement a data model through the easy web-based user interface. The key feature of the data modeling includes;

• Property management

• Class-specific properties with property inheritance

• Hierarchical model of classification

• Alternative classifications

• Pre-built and customizable code creation rules