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Metadata Management

ToBeWAY data management solution manages metadata defined as standard words, standard terms, standard domains, and standard codes of the information systems.

Most organizations utilize data from many sources for analytics and collaborative operation. But it can be complicated and sometimes troublesome if the data elements are not consistently defined across the systems. 

Data standardization is the critical process of bringing data into a common format and providing a comprehensive catalog of your data. It improves information consistency between systems and increases the usability of data integration.

  • Management of standard dictionaries (standard words, standard terms, standard domains, standard codes)

  • Consistency monitoring between DBMS and standard dictionary

  • DBMS table, column, index, built-in function, etc. schema information inquiry and stored data value search function

  • Provides convenience for DB administrators with standard dictionary-based DDL (Data Definition Language) statement creation function

  • Provides standardization function without changing metadata of SAP ERP system by providing data element of SAP ERP

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