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MDM Consulting

A typical MDM project includes master data modeling, data cleansing, solution customization, integration and migration of systems. Over a decade, ToBeWAY has been leading many MDM projects successfully through proven methodology and rich experience.


Using MDM solution as core platform, they models the classification, data attributes, reference information schema, and performs baseline information data management.


After completing the required function analysis and consultation of the standard information management system, the solution is customized to implement the necessary additional functions in order to carry out the determined demand function. This implements the MDM service that acts as the user interface for the baseline information management system.

Data Cleansing

Expert Guidance

Data cleansing is the basic and first step of the Master Data Management (MDM) project. With our service, records of master data are checked for accuracy and consistency to be corrected or enriched as necessary.


Any-to-Any Data Integration

ToBeWAY provides professional services and solutions in enterprise integration area, which includes EAI, B2Bi, Web service and office system integration. Our industry-leading solutions enable customers to deploy e-commerce systems that integrate existing back-end applications and databases into automatic and flexible electronic collaboration environment.