A True Unified Platform for MDM


ToBeWAY Enterprise MDM Suite provides a powerful and flexible solution for master data management. It supports unconstrained modeling for any domain with built-in workflow and data quality.

ToBeWAY’s easy-to-use web based user interface provides an unified operational platform for all of business users, data stewards and system administrators.


ToBeWAY Enterprise MDM Suite consists of functional modules which are specialized in each field on TBW core platform.

TBW core platform provides vital support and a range of services like workflow, batch job, an integrated contents management and real-time data acquisition.

Content-i is a specialized module to manage master data such as asset, facility, item, product and service masters.

Code-i is a module to supports business codes like location codes, supplier codes, service codes, and organization codes.

Master data and code are continuously added or changed by business needs. In order to maintain the data in high quality, DQ-i analyzes data quality and support the monitoring and quality planning for master data. Connect-i provides ready-to-integrate function of the system

ToBeWAY Manufacturing MDM

ToBeWAY Manufacturing MDM serves as a data hub from managing, servicing and publishing master data used in manufacturing-related systems, such as models / products, processes, facilities, quality, and common codes.

ToBeWAY Manufacturing MDM has the following specialized features to manage manufacturing master data:

Various data modeling expressing manufacturing standard information feature

  • Various data model types such as general type, hierarchical type, master-sub type, parent-child type, combination type

  • Configuring input and query screens for each data type