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Why do we need MDM?

Most master data is not systematically managed and ungoverned. It is an obstacle to streamlining business processes, making quick decisions and responding to changes flexibly.
Lack of standard system for enterprise master data
  • Difference between master data used at work and master data managed by ERP and other systems.

  • Lack of master data integration between systems

Unclear Governance of enterprise master data
  • Need for defining ownership and stewardship of master data

  • Unclear managing process of master data life cycle (especially disposal process)

Needs for improving of master data quality
  • Clean up unused and duplicate code.

  • Introduce new master data standard

Needs for integrating master data through MDM
  • Integrate master data between systems such as ERP and SCM. (accuracy, consistency, timeliness)

  • Infrastructure to support new standard.

  • Systemize governance and management process.

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