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Founded in 2001, ToBeWAY has been at the forefront of innovating data management. The company provides advanced solutions and services essential for enterprise data management, thereby catalyzing digital transformation and enhancing efficiency in businesses. ToBeWAY continuously researches and integrates the latest technologies to address complex data needs, positioning itself as a leader in the industry.

Through software solutions and expert consulting, ToBeWAY empowers companies to realize data-based decision-making. Its data management platform offers a robust and powerful framework aimed at qualitative improvement and maximization of data value. This systematic approach ensures data transparency and reliability, enabling clients to rapidly respond to market trends and secure a competitive edge.


While every company possesses data, its value is determined by various factors such as the volume, precision, accuracy, relevance to the business, and the effective utilization of applications. With ToBeWAY, transform your data into a valuable informational asset and base your strategic decisions on facts. ToBeWAY's expertise and in-depth analysis enable enterprises to develop clearer and more effective business strategies. Beyond being mere information, data becomes a core resource in management, and ToBeWAY stands as a reliable partner in this transformative journey.

We are...

Sechang OH

CEO/CTO, Founder

Sejoon PARK

CCO, Co-Founder

ByungTaek PARK

CPO, Co-Founder

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