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Nutanix is a global leader in HCI and enterprise cloud solutions.​

  • Nutanix is a cloud platform for modernized enterprise data centers that applies technologies implemented in public clouds to enterprise data centers, providing the advantages of both public and private clouds.​

  • With Nutanix Hybrid Multicloud, you can seamlessly extend your on-premises environment to the public cloud to create a hybrid cloud environment that delivers agility, scalability, efficiency, and cost optimization.

Nutanix combines the simplicity and agility of public cloud with the performance and security of private cloud, giving you the best of both worlds. Ensure business continuity with centralized management, one-click operations, and AI-powered automation across both on-premises and hybrid environments.

Nutanix solves your toughest cloud problems.


According to IDC, there will be 500 million new applications by 2023. Nutanix makes it easy to deploy, manage, and provision these applications.


Compute, storage, virtualization, and networking are hyperconverged and driven by software on the Nutanix Cloud Platform.


Easily move apps wherever you want without losing data, whether in a hybrid, multicloud, public or private cloud environment.

Support any app, any cloud on a single platform

The Nutanix Cloud Platform consists of hybrid cloud infrastructure, multicloud management, and integrated storage, database services, and desktop services that support any application and workload, anywhere.

One-click operation

Automated infrastructure management supports one-click deployment, patching, provisioning, and scaling through a simple and intuitive UI.

Self-service IaaS

Enables users to provision their own apps and services with built-in role-based governance

Multicloud Management

Unified cloud control plane experience supporting AI-driven application automation, self-service, cost and security governance across private and public clouds

The Value of Simplicity: Simplifying the Cloud

Benefits of the Nutanix Cloud Platform

Data Protection and Security

Protect your data from hardware failures, disasters, and security threats with integrated protection

Storage for all your data

Unified storage for VMs and containers, Files and Objects, and block storage for bare metal workloads

Database Automation

Streamline database operations on any cloud using a unified control plane

Data Centrism: Data Integration

Bring your favorite hypervisor or use built-in Nutanix AHV and software-defined infrastructure components

Hypervisor selection

Run Nutanix software on servers from any major vendor

Hardware Selection

Avoid vendor lock-in by leveraging cross-cloud workload portability and a unified cloud management plane.

Cloud Selection

Customer's choice: freely choose


Hybrid cloud is the most preferred multi-cloud environment.


You can reduce operating costs and increase return on investment!


Many companies in the global market are choosing Nutanix!

Customer's choice: freely choose

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