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Data consulting

ToBeWAY's MDM consulting aims at efficient management and utilization of corporate data. We understand that data is the heart of your business, and we do our best to manage it according to its importance.

  • Importance of standard reference information: When each individual system has its own data structure, it is difficult to execute processes involving multiple systems without standard reference information and code. Accordingly, ToBeWAY focuses on defining standard information within the company and managing it systematically.

  • Design and implement functional requirements: Design and implement functional requirements necessary to effectively manage reference information. This course simplifies data management processes while meeting enterprise needs.

  • Integrated data modeling and data maintenance: Through data modeling and data maintenance, we establish a standard for enterprise-wide data analysis. This strengthens the company's data analysis capabilities and enables more consistent decision making.

A comprehensive approach to MDM projects

ToBeWAY's MDM project takes a comprehensive approach that includes data modeling, data maintenance, process design, solution implementation, data migration, and application integration. This allows companies to achieve efficient management and utilization of data.
Based on deep experience and proven methodologies in MDM projects of various industries and sizes, 2Bway provides customized solutions tailored to the characteristics of each company.

ToBeWAY's expertise

ToBeWAY has the expertise and experience needed to effectively invest in IT and create maximum value from data. Our goal is to go beyond simple data management and support business value creation and growth through data.

Trustful data
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