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Data management solutions

Master Data Management

ToBeWAY MDM is developed based on our understanding of business processes and IT solutions, and our field experience in standardization.


It provides a robust framework for efficiently managing any reference information and standard codes, reducing the burden and cost of managing corporate reference information, and maximizing the asset value of corporate data.


Versatile and powerful search

  • Various classification searches such as classification system, index, favorites, etc.

  • Various master searches such as classification tree search, attribute search, keyword search, similar word search, alternative search, etc.

  • Comparison search of detailed attribute values for multiple masters

  • Provides various personalization functions such as screen style and search conditions

Management Process/Governance

  • Built-in MDM-specific workflow

  • Process management for data registration application and approval

  • Supports consistency verification such as rule-based verification, duplicate prevention function, standard dictionary and thesaurus management, and dictionary quality control.

  • Supports use of Excel for batch registration and change of data

  • Supports workflow integration with customer groupware


Multidomain MDM

  • Universal data model without internal data model constraints

  • Provides flexibility through hierarchical structure model of classification system and properties

  • Supports movement of the classification itself and movement of the master's classification

  • Code numbering rule designation function

  • Supports various attribute types

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