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  • UiPath is the world's No. 1 RPA tool and is a proven RPA tool with numerous RPA introduction and success stories around the world.

  • You can try it out for free at any time, and related educational information is available on the web, making it the most accessible.

  • The most important thing to consider when selecting an RPA tool is how to manage many scenarios and software robots not only at the time of introduction but also at the time of operation a few years later. It is not an introduction of a trendy tool that follows a trend, but a reliable tool in terms of mid- to long-term operation, and that is why you should choose UiPath.

  • It is an excellent product that has a product roadmap for the AI era and can be easily expanded to suit changing environments.

  • In addition to its name value as a global No. 1 product, it also provides stability in product selection in terms of development and scalability, and although it is a global product, active and continuous technical support for Asian countries, including Korea and Japan, ensures that customers can choose with confidence. That will be an important reason.

  • UiPath Studio: UiPath Studio (Development tool for RPA work process for developers)            

  • UiPath StudioX: UiPath Studio          

  • UiPath Attended Robot: UiPath Attended Robot (a robot that operates only when the user launches it)            

  • UiPath Unattended Robot: UiPath Unattended Robot (Unmanned/Fully Automatic Robot)            

  • UiPath Orchestrator: UiPath Orchestrator (server function that manages scenarios/robots/execution/logs/resources/schedules, etc.)            

  • Most products provide not only on-premise versions but also cloud (UiPath Cloud version) versions.  

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